Delivering premium British & international water brands to the UK and global markets




Illuminated Beverages, part of Castanhos Ltd, is committed to responsibly sourcing a small range of premium British and International water brands, for the UK and global markets.


As a company, we pride ourselves on providing responsive, flexible and proactive customer service.


Our mission is simple: 


  • Ensure our water is pure, natural and bottled directly at source

  • Meet the ever growing demands of the environmentally aware consumer

  • Committed to moving towards a 100% recyclable product portfolio

  • Make our product portfolio as affordable as possible for everyone to enjoy


We are excited to show you:




Our flagship brand. 

Sourced from one of the most famous artesian springs in Britain and packaged sustainably.

Sutton Spring flavoured pure spring waters. Enjoy the enticing natural fruit flavours with almost zero calories.


Our exciting pure spring water, aqualume. 

Experience the light!

Mount Fuji

Sourced from a deep spring at the foot of this most famous and iconic landmark.

Ready for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Iceni water is a premium, artesian spring water, sourced and sustainably packaged in Britain.


It was inspired by Boadicea and the Iceni tribe who famously rebelled against the Roman Empire 2000 years ago...

2000 years later, Iceni are rebelling against plastic waste and helping to combat the devastating effects it has on us and our planet.

Plastic was first mass produced in 1907. It has facilitated unprecedented technological and social development due to its lightweight, durable and inexpensive properties.

However, the unforeseen consequence is millions of tons of plastic waste that will never break down or decompose. This plastic waste is irreversibly damaging our oceans, atmosphere and long term health.

Single-use plastics, even waxed paper cartons, are not fully sustainable.


We at Iceni understand this…

This is why we have created our ECO range, with aluminium and glass. Both of which are infinitely and universally recyclable, making them fully sustainable.

Artesian spring water can be considered more of an isotonic fluid, thus hydrating the body more effectively. This is because the mineral content of artesian spring water is considered to most closely match the electrolyte composition of body tissue, thanks to the naturally occurring levels of calcium and magnesium.




Mount Fuji

Great value, crisp and refreshing natural mineral water.


Drawn from the foot of the stunning Mount Fuji in Japan and bottled at source.


For the health-conscious, this beautiful mineral water naturally contains vanadium.


Vanadium helps in the prevention of diabetes and lowers blood pressure.



Sutton Spring recognise that sometimes you'd like to mix the thirst quenching properties of water, with a little more flavour.  That's why we've blended subtle, natural flavours with our 100% pure spring water to create Lemon & Lime, Strawberry & Raspberry, Juicy Orange and Summer Fruits.

Sutton Spring's flavoured waters contain just 6 calories and are naturally high in calcium and magnesium making them beneficial for healthy teeth and bones.  And with no added sugar, these products are also suitable for diabetics.


Experience the Light.


Press the button and Experience the Light.


                   makes plain water more illuminating by introducing a bottle of water with an LED lighting system.


Available in a variety of colours,                    is great promotion for bars, clubs and festivals. 

Enhance the experience of night-time adventures and activities.


Increased safety for school trips and key workers on night shifts.

It also provides excellent hydration!


Our exquisite range of well balanced, premium wines come from our beautiful, family-owned, boutique vineyard.


Vinha do Falesia is the most southernly vineyard in Portugal. It sits atop dramatic cliffs on the Western Algarve, which provide stunning, picturesque views that sweep south, across the Atlantic. 

The vineyard is blessed with a fortuitous combination of the elements: strong year-round sunshine, schist based soil, natural drainage and cool sea breezes. Due to its immediate proximity to the ocean, the air temperature fluctuates considerably between day and night; a key contributor to the wine's full-bodied flavour and high alcohol content.


Our white wines are a range of blends using the Portuguese Arinto and Sauvignon Blanc grapes; our red wines are a range of blends using Syrah (Shiraz), Cabernet Sauvignon and the famous Touriga grapes.


Falesia wines are matured in oak barrels of differing ages, for varying periods of time and together with the years of experience of our winemaker Pedro and our local family adega, we are able to offer new and exciting wines.


We will be releasing our 2019 and 2020 vintages in May 2021, both as single year wines but also as a blend of both years, together with a Rose selection and single varietal and ‘Reserve’ wines in 2022. 


To get in touch, drop us a line at:


41-43 South Street

Bishop’s Stortford


CM23 3AG